Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear Digg Community: Linux != Ubuntu

Dear Digg,

In some ways, you are much like a small child. You're not afraid to tell the truth, not afraid to say it like it is. This is, and should be appreciate, for this is what gives our community the charm that it has. However... I think this you may have a small case of ADHD. You are amazed by shiny new things, and I think you spend a bit too much time staring at them. Logic seems like an ideal thing, but is sometimes hard for this you to grasp. You prefers to follow others, much like a lemming. I'm sure Mac is a really cool kid (on the outside at least), and I know that Vista is an asshole. But... I fear that you may one day have a lapse of judgment and take the candy from the metaphorical stranger, this can only result a lifetime of sleepless nights and much therapy.

Ok... maybe that was a bit far. I'm not saying Ubuntu is a pedophile, social suicide is usual not my thing. But people, come on! Ubuntu is a subset of Linux, it's one of many distributions! Sure it may be arguably the most user friendly to install and use, but it's not the universe. Every time I look in the Linux/Unix stories, it's always "Top 10 Reasons I Love Ubuntu", "Apps to prettify Ubuntu", "Increase your productivity in Ubuntu". Don't you understand that these applications that you're describing weren't spawned from the cesspool of apt-get?? Most linux programs are exactly that, programs for LINUX. This includes: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Knoppix, Linspire, Mandriva, openSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Red Hat, Slackware, and yes... your favorite uncle, Ubuntu.

Yes, I understand, Ubuntu is a much less intimidating word than GNU/Linux. But we have to draw the line somewhere! I'm sorry digg... I don't want to fight with you... Can we just move on? I'm waiting for the next "Top 10 reasons Vista is burning in OS hell" list...

Yours truly,

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